Monday, February 15, 2010


Mine was pretty uneventful until we got home from church and lunch. I was busy talking on the phone to a friend and had noticed that Mike had disappeared upstairs for a long time. After I got off the phone, I called up there and asked him what he was doing. I thought he said laying, which I thought resting. I headed up and I saw him rushing out of my craft room "Laying down I said???" and he told me he said "PLAYING!!!..not LAYING!!!" I said "What are you doing in there?" He said "Oh, you just couldn't stay downstairs for a few more minutes." What for I asked while I was walking in the room. And then I saw what he was up to!!!! He was making me a Valentine's Day card. Can you believe it??? Along with the card, he gave me a flowering plant too! This is the most special card that I have ever received. How cool is this??? Isn't he the greatest!!! This is why I love him so much. Thanks Mike your awesome!

He said he didn't get to finish it, that he was looking for a small alphabet set to stamp "Mike" in the middle of the heart. I told him to go ahead and finish it be he said that was OK. So, below is his finished card that he made. I hope it's not his last. It was such a great surprise. Love ya, Mike. Bren

Mikes Man Card!!!

Now for the recipe for this card:

Mike used the Diamond embossing folder with the cuttlebug.
(For his background...Look hard and you will see..Didn't show to well in pic.)
He cut the heart out with the cricut
He used Color Box Cat's Eye Cranberry Ink
Papertrey Ink Paper
Stamp set is Be Mine from Hobby Lobby

This is the plant he gave me. Too cute!!!


  1. Aww, how sweet is that! If this snow EVER stops I need to come learn. I told you I do not have the talent to make cards like yours so I still need you to make more. I have used alot of your cards and everyone thinks I bought them in a store. Told you, you are talented! Enjoy your room this week, with all this snow you don't need to leave the house. Beth

  2. I know we have 9 inches here last I've heard. You just have to get used to it and I think it gets easier after each one you make. Keep at and you'll see. That's funny they thought they would store bought. Check out for ideals on your layouts of your cards. I go there everyday and look. Yesterday I worked on this blog and today I am going to my room to play and do a little laundry. Keep creating!