Saturday, February 27, 2010

YEAH, I was Featured on SSC!!!

Wow, I woke up this morning and I had emails telling me that I was featured on Simply Scrapping Crafts!!! I just joined this week and I was one of the two named as Guest Designer of the Week!!!! How cool is that???? The card they featured is the Happy Birthday card. So both of my circle cards was Featured at two different times this week. How's that for starting off! See below what they posted on the main site. You go to to view the front page and it's on the left side bar just down a little.

This is what they have on the front page if you don't go and see.

Visit our Guest Designer Page for their Creations. Is is located in the subtab of Featured Designer's at the top of the page.

SSC is proud to present Jenny Bavaro Our Guest Designer of the Week! Stop in and visit her page and Gallery.

Our Second Guest Designer of the week is Brenda Raleigh and her Card-"Happy Birthday"

Check out her Gallery here! Way to go! Simply Scrapping DT

Thanks for letting me share the good news!



  1. That's awesome Brenda. Congratulations! You're very talented. This looks like a cool forum, I might just join it also.


  2. Thanks Cat! I am soooo glad that you joined SSC. You will really like it there. They are very nice. I haven't done any challenges yet but, will soon. I want to join the copic group and learn about using them. You need to put up your scrap pages. They will love them. Way to Cat. See you over there!

  3. this is very pretty, have a wonderful day!

    enjoy *~*

  4. You so deserve being this weeks designer! Your cards were so beautiful, and I'm SO happy you joined us! Congrats! :)

  5. HI Brenda. Okay I have to start with this, my mom's name is Brenda and when we growing up my dad would always say "what's on the agenda, Brenda" It just made me smile this morning when I saw your blog. Enough babbling, your card that was featured was beautiful. I look forward to visiting you often. Hugs, Sarah

  6. Hey Sarah, that's too funny...a really tried to come up with a clever name and I just kept coming up with this. Your mom has a great name!!! Thanks for your visits. See you over at SSC.