Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Card was "Featured " Today!!!

I joined another awesome site (click the link and go to the bottom of the page) last night and this morning I woke up and found my card on the Gallery's front page, Top Line!!!! I shared the Top with 4 others and it has remained there all day!!! It's pretty exciting!!! I took a pic, yes I know I'm silly but that would be the only way you could see it without going there and joining.....which you should if you love to scrap.

See it on the left!

OK enough of this. Thanks for putting up with me today.


  1. Your cards are so raffined.. so beautiful.. i like!

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  3. Patricia, That's you isn't it? From France, my favorite place to visit! Your words are so kind. See you over at SSC!

  4. Brenda, we have also featured you on our blog at

    Congrats and welcome to Simply Scrapping Crafts. and